Sunday, 13 March 2016

In the garden - they're back

It's that time of year again when large flocks of little corellas descend on our street to feast on the street trees. 

They're earlier this year - last year they visited us in May.


  1. The trees they're into... you call them sweet gum? Liquidambar styraciflua

  2. That's right, Clem. This exotic species is used a bit around here for street trees with another tree you might know, Quercus palustris or pin oak. On one side of the road the liquid ambars and oaks are pruned into a wine glass shape to avoid the electricity wires. Unfortunately, this seems to leave the trees prone to rot and losing large branches. There's an earlier post on the blog about cutting one of these large branches up for firewood. The corellas like the seeds in the fruit.

    We're planting a few at the block to see how they go. The timber is used a lot in the US as you may be aware. They grow quickly which is a plus for farm forestry.