Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Backyard Inspiration

Espaliered fruit trees are a great way to grow fruit in small spaces. Trees can be trained to a variety of attractive shapes and grown against a fence or wall, as a free-standing tree or even as a potted plant.

In addition to saving space, espaliered fruit trees have other benefits. These include good light to the fruit (which helps improve development), ease of picking and ease of protecting the tree against frost or birds. It's much easier to net an espaliered tree.

If you are training your tree against a north-facing brick wall, you may be able to grow varieties that would normally require a warmer climate.

Here are some lovely espalier examples:

espaliered apple tree forming part of a fence

espaliered apple

espaliered pear

Belgian fence style espalier

candelabra style espalier

espaliered fig
horizontal espalier

espaliered lemon

fan shaped espalier

potted espaliered orange

And how's this for handy picking? Just lean out the window and grab your pear .....

Hallstatt, The Austrian Lakes District

If you are interested in having a go at espaliering fruit trees you'll find plenty of how-to information on the internet - e.g. instructions for espaliering apples can be found here

Maybe you have a spot in your garden for an espaliered fruit tree?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this inspiring photo collection of espaliered fruit trees... very motivating!

  2. These are beautiful photos of espaliering. I just started my fruit garden and will reference your photos often, I'm sure. Many thanks!