Sunday, 25 June 2017

Cute timber bench

We've done a number of posts on wood. Growing trees for wood, making things from wood, wood used in various ways, firewood and so on. I was at the University of Melbourne School of Design the other day to meet an Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) consultant who tutors at the Uni. While waiting by one of  the main entrances I noticed this cute bench made of small wood pieces:

We think this is great. It's playful, practical, attractive, made from a renewable, low carbon material, with small pieces of wood that could be offcuts from other timber processing and uses wood to make a sinuous curve as against a more common straight line. And it passed the PragSust comfort test ... at least for the short time I was sitting on it. The ESD consultant told me it was made as a student project. It's nice to see clever students making great stuff. Hope whoever it is has a great career making more delightful pieces.

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  1. Something you could try with all your offcuts. And handy man skills:-D