Friday, 6 May 2016

Current reading list

Some of the books we're currently reading....

Food52 Vegan by Gena Hamshaw. Being a vegetarian with strong vegan leanings, I love a good vegetarian or vegan cookbook. I've been following Gena's blog for awhile now and it is full of recipes I want to try. Her creamy curry quinoa is a dinner favourite around here. So when her latest cookbook, Food52 Vegan, came out I knew I wanted a copy.  Beautifully photographed, the recipes are healthy, delicious and easy to follow.  Plenty of meals will be coming from this gem.


The Simple Home by Rhonda Herzel. Rhonda is the author behind the blog Down To Earth, as well as the book of the same name. She is a thoughtful and practical woman who has simplified her lifestyle to suit herself and her family, and in the process saved money, enjoyed greater health, happiness and self-reliance, learned new skills and built the life she wanted. The book shows that living simply is a real and fulfilling alternative to a consumerist lifestyle. It is divided into 12 monthly chapters showing how tasks can fit into the year.  Rhonda shows that living frugally is not about being cheap or miserly, but that it is a mindset that will help you achieve your goal of living well and being content.  I'm enjoying this book and would definitely recommend it to others. Her first book, Down to Earth, is definitely going on the reading list.

Simple Matters by Erin Boyle. Still on the subject of living simply, this book is by the author of the blog Reading My Tea Leaves. It approaches living simply from the perspective of a family living in a tiny apartment in New York.  

This book approaches sustainability through conscious choices such reducing consumption, making your own natural cleaners and beauty products and using your purchasing power in a thoughtful, ethical and sustainable manner.  It's practical tips for living in a tiny space are also relevant to those of us who live in larger homes. Definitely worth reading.

What books are on your reading list?

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