Saturday, 4 January 2014

In the garden .....

As much as we don't mind sharing some of what we grow with the local wildlife, if we didn't take some action to protect the harvest, then the birds, fruit bats and possums would get the lot. They've already had more than their fair share this season... we didn't get much in the way of apricots or cherries and they've been busily helping themselves to the rest of the fruit trees.

It was definitely high time to break out the nets. As a result, here's what the garden looks like at the moment.

Anzac peaches under black netting
More peaches

Pink Lady apples

Apple - double graft of Jonathon and Granny Smith

And after struggling for some years using not-that-great netting solutions, this year we bit the bullet and bought some extra good quality (=expensive) netting.  As a result, here's the net to end all nets:

Nectarine tree - with maximum protection!

There are still more apples, pears, a mulberry and a fig tree to net - that's a job to get done sooner rather than later.

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